PVC weather beads with mesh – BP14 LUX – 300cm

£5.04 +VAT

Manufacturer Bella-Plast

  • draining takes place far from the elevation’s surface
  • reinforcement as well as even and aesthetic finishing of the lower edges of the elevation
  • simple, quick mounting


Application: For draining the insulated elevation.

Mounting: The weather bead should be mounted in sites where the draining must happen far from the elevation’s surface, e.g. under the terrace, balcony, cornice, above the window as well as other sites where the water, streaming down the elevation, may get through the sticking out parts of the elevation. To carry out the mounting accurately you should sink the fiberglass mesh, which the weather bead is provided with, in the glue for mounting of the glass mesh to Styrofoam or glass wool. The glue should be distributed on the surface of the styrofoam or wool with the special float, carrying about the even distribution thereof. Next the glass mesh of weather bead should be sunk in the glue and this system mesh should be covered with the glass mesh afterwards, overlapping ca. 10 cm. This operation should be conducted in one go, so that in result both meshes (mesh of weather bead and system mesh) will be sunk in glue building one layer (structure).

After drying of the glue you can start with plastering works. The plaster should be distributed evenly so that it fills the whole space in weather bead, intended for plaster.