Cekol MOZAIKA – mosaic plaster – 15kg

Manufacturer Cekol

  • bucket 15 kg
  • grain size 0.8-1.2mm
  • consumption approx. 3 kg / m2
  • application temperature +5 – +25 ° C
  • pre-curing time: approx. 24 h (depending on temperature and humidity can change significantly)
  • complete curing of approx. 14 days
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CEKOL MOSAIC is of particular use in areas exposed to mechanical damage, corridors, stairwells, offices and public buildings. It can also be used to decorate the outer walls of buildings, especially plinth components, balconies, railings, etc.

CEKOL MOSAIC is a ready-to-use mosaic decorative coating based on water-borne acrylic resin and colored quartz aggregate. It is used for manual preparation of coatings with a decorative and protective substrates of concrete, plaster, traditional cement-lime plaster boards, and on the armed layer of thermal insulation systems, inside and outside buildings.