Ceresit CX 10 Universal adhesive in foam

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CX 10

Universal PU adhesive

Ready-to-use, fast-drying polyurethane adhesive with excellent adhesion to typical building substrates

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– replaces traditional glues and cement mortars
– ready to use
– does not require the use of electrical equipment, water or specialized equipment
– highly efficient (up to 12 m2)
– for indoors and outdoors
– increased thermal insulation properties
– high adhesion and bond strength
– provides a precise and strong connection after just 2 hours


The universal polyurethane adhesive Ceresit CX 10 successfully enables fixing and gluing of materials such as cellular concrete blocks, wood, OSB boards, plasterboards, foamed polystyrene elements, bituminous coatings, glass, galvanized sheet, polyester coated sheet and others.

CX 10 successfully replaces traditional cement masonry mortars when making partition walls. It does not require the use of electricity, water or specialized equipment. At the same time, it has much better thermal insulation properties than traditional cement mortars.

The adhesive is ready for use immediately after shaking the contents of the can. Ceresit CX 10 provides a precise and strong connection after just 2 hours. It guarantees work at temperatures from + 5 ° C and high humidity. Ceresit CX 10 can be used indoors and outdoors, both on horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Packaging sizes

850 ml container



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