Facade stone CONCRETE grey


Manufacturer Stone Master

  • cement stone, external
  • colour grey


Architectural concrete in its most accessible form. Rectangular elements with a texture of slight depressions and grooves which bring gentle variety to the solid face of the stone. The simplicity connotations of the collection make it also useful at home where we seek a space for typical background use. Created for aficionados of minimalism and post-modernism.

Photos of the tiles are for illustration purposes only, hence the actual appearance of the products may differ from the one presented in the pictures. Despite our efforts to represent the tiles as close to their real look as possible, both characteristics of printing technology and individual color perception can make the product look one shade off its real appearance.
Moreover, the appearance of the stone is affected by such features as the type of lighting used, the presence of materials placed on the same or adjacent surface (the effect of global illumination), or – the most important factor – treating the stone with a sealer dedicated to the specific product line. Impregnation not only protects our stone against external factors, but also intensifies its colors and makes the structure of the stone more pronounced.

Additional information



Tiles size:

570×225 mm

Coverage from the box:

0.77 m²

Box weight:

24 kg




external, internal



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