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Producent Cekol

  • consumption: 1.5 mm FLEECE – 2.3 kg/m2, 2.5 mm FLEECE – 3.5 kg/m2


The white CEKOL C-35 FLEECE plaster is a high quality material used for refining of external walls of buildings. It may also be used inside buildings. CEKOL C-35 FLEECE is intended for thin-layer plasters.

CEKOL C-35 FLEECE is a dry mixture of high quality white cement, white mineral fillers and modifying substances ensuring excellent workability and adhesion to mineral bases. It does not contain toxic substances or components turning yellow under the influence of atmospheric conditions. CEKOL C-35 FLEECE is an excellent primer for the mineral, silicon, silicate and acrylic paints. The white colour allows to limit the number of paint coats to achieve a full colour effect. The CEKOL C-35 FLEECE plaster is water and frost resistant.