Silicone K1 is a through-coloured render which incorporates silicone technology.

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Silicone K1 is suitable for use with most render spray machines and can also be hand applied. It is ideal for larger projects where the speed of machine application can offer time saving benefits. Silicone K1 provides a fine texture finish.

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White, Buttermilk, Polar White, Stone, Champagne, York, Cream, Powder Blue, Salmon Pink, Pewter Grey, Terracotta, Grey, Ivory, Sterling White, Arran, Sandstone, Green, Oatmeal, Cinnamon, Fintry Stone

One Coat Coverage:

1.6 kg / mm thick / sq m

One Coat Require:

26 – 32kg / sq m approx.
Nominal 16 – 20mm thickness

• Silicone K1 is designed for use with most spray machines
• Add material to the feeding hopper and adjust water supply to achieve the desired consistency. Open time – approx one hour
• Add 4 – 5 litres of clean water per 25kg sack
• Do not polish
• Small areas such as quoins and window reveals may be finished smooth
• Use polythene sheeting to protect doors, windows and other features from any over spraying during application